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No one ever gets married expecting that their marriage may end in a divorce or, dissolution. However, people…

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Paternity & Juvenile Law

Whether you are the unmarried birth mother wishing to establish
paternity for your child in order to receive child…

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Resolving family law issues can be emotionally strenuous, cause anxiety, and can be expensive. Many families look…

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Child Support

In Ohio both parents have a legal duty to financially support their children. Generally, child support is based on…

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Child Custody

One of the critical issues for divorcing, divorced, separated or unmarried parents is how to best address the needs…

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I have always said that the adoption process is one of the most gratifying aspects of practicing family law, and…

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Division of Assets

The division of assets & liabilities and property rights in a divorce can
be complex and difficult. Some…

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Wills & Estate Planning

While nobody likes to think about death, it is important for everyone to make preparations to address how matters will be…

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About John J. Manore, III

John James Manore, III is a sole practicing attorney specializing in Divorce & Family Law, which means he will be the only attorney you will deal with at the firm. You will not be shuffled amongst many associates who will not necessarily know the current status of your case, as is commonly found in large law firms. Mr. Manore will always know the status of your file, and you can always address your concerns directly with him. Mr. Manore will return your telephone calls in a timely manner, leaving you free from the stress and anxiety of worrying if you have an attorney focused on your matter at hand. Contact Mr. Manore today for a free consultation and learn about how you, the client, and Mr. Manore will form a "team approach" to accomplishing your case goals. Let Mr. Manore’s 25 + years of legal experience work for you.

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