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Child Custody

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One of the critical issues for divorcing, divorced, separated or unmarried parents is how to best address the needs of their child. Issues such as one parents desire for additional parenting time verses ones interference with a parents ability to play a meaningful role in the child’s life are often disputed and in conflict. Unfortunately, in any child-related disputes between parents, the child suffers. When your life is in turmoil, thinking clearly can be a challenge but, you know that you want what’s best for your child. If you find yourself in a battle over parenting responsibilities, an experienced attorney can help you through the process while minimizing the stress on you and, more importantly, your children. Contact Manore Divorce & Family Law for a free initial consultation. Call 419-517-9060 today.

Manore Divorce & Family Law is a full-service family law firm based in Sylvania, Ohio, and serving clients in the counties of Lucas (Toledo, Sylvania, Maumee), Wood (Perrysburg), Fulton (Delta, Swanton, Wauseon), Henry (Napoleon), Williams (Bryan, Ohio), Defiance, and Ottawa (Port Clinton, Elmore, Woodville), as well as throughout the greater Northwest Ohio area.

Attorney Manore is committed to assisting you and your family in amicably resolving issues related to parental responsibilities, such as:

  • Custody issues for married and non-married parents (Sole Custody verses Shared Parenting);
  • Parental Rights & Responsibilities
  • Parenting Time & Visitation
  • Parental Relocation
  • Removals of minor child from the state
  • Child support matters
  • Parental Alienation

When it comes to your child’s wellbeing, there’s no room for a misstep. Your child’s best interests will always remain John’s top priority, even as he works diligently to protect your rights at every turn.

Allocation of Parental Responsibilities

In developing a Parenting Plan, the parents must carefully consider the well-being of the child and divide parenting responsibilities between themselves in a manner that ensure the child’s needs are met. Parenting responsibilities include the care-taking functions for the child, including meeting nutritional needs, bedtime and wake-up routines, discipline, school attendance, medical care and moral and ethical guidance. The responsibilities also include significant decision-making on issues such as education, health care, religious training, and extracurricular activities. Attorney John James Manore, III is equipped to assist you in developing a Parenting Plan that is both equitable and focused on your child’s best interests.

Parenting Plans

In the event that parents cannot reach an agreement on a workable Parenting Plan, the Court may allocate significant decision-making responsibilities as appropriate. If left to the Court, it will consider a number of factors in making its determination, including but not limited to:

  • Wishes of the parents
  • Wishes of the child, as appropriate due to age and maturity
  • Child’s adjustment to home, school and community environments
  • Interactions and relationships of the child with parents, siblings and others
  • Physical and mental health of all involved parties
  • Occurrence or threat of physical violence or abuse
  • Each parent’s willingness and ability to encourage the child’s relationship with the other parent
  • Distance between the parents’ homes and transportation concerns
  • Ability and willingness of the parent to cooperate in the best interest of the child

Every situation is different, but Attorney John James Manore, III recognizes the importance of cooperation between parents. Through the negotiation process he is ready to help you reach resolution that you and your family deserve.

Contact Manore Divorce & Family Law for a free initial consultation. Call 419-517-9060 today. The firm is proud to serve the needs of clients in Lucas (Toledo, Sylvania, Maumee), Wood (Perrysburg), Fulton (Delta, Swanton, Wauseon), Henry (Napoleon), Williams (Bryan, Ohio), Defiance, and Ottawa (Port Clinton, Elmore, Woodville) counties.

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