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Paternity & Juvenile Law

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Whether you are the unmarried birth mother wishing to establish paternity for your child in order to receive child support and other financial benefits or, the unmarried birth father wanting to establish your parental rights so you can fulfill a crucial role in your child’s life with custody or parenting time rights, Manore Divorce & Family Law can help you understand the spectrum of options you have. Whether you are obligated to pay child support but not given reasonable parenting time with your child or, in a dispute over parenting responsibilities, an experienced attorney can help you through the process while minimizing the stress on you and, more importantly, your child. Contact Manore Divorce & Family Law for a free initial consultation. Call 419-517-9060 today.

The legal relationship between a child and their father, also known as paternity, must be established when a child is born to unwed parents and those not in a civil union. Establishing paternity makes the child eligible to receive health and life insurance, a deceased or disabled parent's Social Security benefits, veteran's benefits, and some aspects of inheritance. Paternity is also necessary to determine child support, the allocation of parental responsibilities, and parenting time. We can help you file a paternity lawsuit to force a paternity test.

In the State of Ohio, a presumed father does not have a legal right to custody or visitation with his child until a Court Order is entered declaring paternity — regardless of whether he is listed on the birth certificate. Yet he may still have an obligation of support.

When you need the help of an experienced juvenile, paternity and family law attorney who offers sound advice and assists you in reaching a comprehensive parenting order to determine your rights and responsibilities, contact Manore Divorce & Family Law serving clients in the counties of Lucas (Toledo, Sylvania, Maumee), Wood (Perrysburg), Fulton (Delta, Swanton, Wauseon), Henry (Napoleon), Williams (Bryan, Ohio), Defiance, and Ottawa (Port Clinton, Elmore, Woodville) counties, as well as throughout the greater Northwest Ohio area.

Manore Divorce & Family Law consults with you to determine your goals and objectives in relation to your child. He then sets forth your options to best reach your objectives and assists you in determining a realistic plan moving forward.

Through consultation, he works with you to set forth solid strategies, binding documentation and, if necessary, aggressive litigation.

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Verification of paternity sets into motion these legal rights and obligations:

  1. Determining and collecting upon payments of child support owed
  2. Past due or retroactive support
  3. Regular access to the child by the non-custodial parent
  4. Child's standing as legal heir to a father's estate
  5. Rights to medical coverage and medical information
  6. Rights to death benefits
  7. Determining the custody of the child
  8. Attorney Manore seeks solutions through a calm understanding approach and does all that he can to expedite a peaceful, amicable outcome. Contact us today to speak with John James Manore, III and to start benefiting from his recognized legal leadership. He serves clients in the counties of Lucas (Toledo, Sylvania, Maumee), Wood (Perrysburg), Fulton (Delta, Swanton, Wauseon), Henry (Napoleon), Williams (Bryan, Ohio), Defiance, and Ottawa (Port Clinton, Elmore, Woodville), as well as throughout the greater Northwest Ohio area.

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